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Piotr Mleczko

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Prawo i ubezpieczenia

ServiceCost per page, inclusive / exclusive of VAT (PLN)Notes
Non-sworn translation40-50 / 49.20-61.50Page = 1600 characters with spaces
Repeatable content / follow-up jobs discounts apply.
An extra fee is charged for rush jobs.
An extra fee is charged for assignments requiring additional editing of the translated content (tables, charts, low quality source documents, etc.)
Sworntranslation40-50 / 49.20-61.50A sworn translation page is shorter and includes 1125 characters w with spaces.
Sworn translation of short form-based documents40-60 / 49.20-73.80E.g. birth, marriage and death certificates price is for the whole document.
Linguistic review/editing30-50 / 36.90-61.50The cost depends on the assignment and quality of the source text.

I accept wire transfer/BACS and Paypal payments.
I am an EU-VAT registered trader and issue VAT invoices.
Sworn translations must be paid before collection/delivery.